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Outdoor academy
what we did

How do you support outdoor beginners to gain the skills and confidence to make the outdoors part of their lives? Our applications asked our outdoor beginners what they wanted to know and our leaders brought their experience from working across the outdoor, environment and education sectors. 

All the gear and LOTS of ideas!

What to take outdoors and how to pack it.


What features to look for in a tent and how to put one up! 

Nature-inspired wellbeing

How the outdoors can support the 5 ways to wellbeing

Nurture Nature

How to leave a positive impact when adventuring 

Redefining adventure

Exploring the concept of microadventures

Navigation skills

Exploring and planning with maps

Inspire others

Helping other outdoor beginners take first steps

All of our workshops were designed to:

  • be achievable for the team to replicate independently

  • challenge the definition of what 'outdoorsy' means

  • be adaptable for different abilities and means

  • have a positive impact on the environment

 "what I looked for in the outdoors has changed"

 Find out more about the impacts on the team here

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