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Lowland Leader

I can provide training and assessment courses for Mountain Training’s Lowland Leader qualification scheme - a nationally recognised walking qualification designed for people who wish to lead groups on day walks in lowland countryside and woodland in summer conditions


What does it involve?

Lowland Leader Q&A session

I'm hosting a Info and Q&A session on Wednesday 26th June 2024 for anyone considering starting their Lowland Leader qualification. This will be a great chance to figure out if its for you and ask all those burning questions you have!


1. How do I book on a Lowland Leader course with Discover Your Outdoors?

Search the events section on the home page to join an existing course or get in touch to arrange alternative dates.


2. What are your top tips?

a) Read the Lowland Leader Handbook thoroughly.

b) Practice makes progress so do those Quality Days well!

c) Reflect on what you have learnt: what went well? what could be even better next time?


3. How do I know if the Lowland Leader is for me? 

Check out this webpage. Book an info session with me. 


4. I need more practice, can you help? 

Yes! I'm happy to discuss extra coaching outside of the training courses either online or in person. 


5. What's the assessment like? 

It's my job to check that you meet the standards set by Mountain Training but I aim to do so in a relaxed, supportive way that gives you chance to show what you can do. There will be plenty of chance for questions, learning, mistakes and fixing them!

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