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Adventures so far...

Here's a taster of what I've helped people discover and (most importantly!) what they thought...


B always thought she would have a party for her special birthday but then she realised that "what I value more than anything is time with my friends, outside, getting miles in my legs and air in my lungs" ❤️

So today we went on a BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE DAY with lots of outdoor games, activities, quizzes and a 'small' amount of competition. 😂


Love Her Wild Local groups

Autumn 2023

I've been visiting the Local groups in their home counties for their very own Nav days. Building confidence making decisions and mistakes is just as important when teaching navigation as the techniques. I was really pleased that the Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire group felt that we had created a safe space for learning and to prepare for unplanned things when they go out walking independently.

"A fab morning with Sian learning map reading. Feeling so much more confident now. The whole morning was used practicing different techniques in a fun way!" Louise


 I love discovering people's interests on an adventure and its brilliant when the group come prepared to share as well as learn. We set out to learn navigation, camping, hiking and wildlife but trees, tents and tea became the key themes on this adventure!

"I had a great time on the trip with Sian, she was super knowledgeable and I came away with the foundations of navigation which is really empowering." Angela


Wildlife Wonders

2022 - 2024

A nature adventure tour of south Devon, the annual summer favourite gets the Love Her Wild community exploring the amazing wildlife we are so lucky to have on our doorstep! A snorkel safari, tour of a small-holding, wildlife workshop, Dartmoor hike and wild swim sends us home feeling connected to nature.

"Absolutely the best weekend wilding, with a lovely group of like minded women. Much fun, learning and laughter - I’d definitely recommend signing up for another one of Siân's events" Anon.


A grant-funded project supporting female outdoor beginners to gain the skills and confidence to make the outdoors part of their lives. Read more HERE!"

"I’ve learned so much - about the outdoors, about sustainability, about myself"


Bristol Hiker Girls

Summer 2023

Over the summer, the Bristol Hiker Girls have been out practicing their navigation skills with me. We explored routes accessible by public transport from Bristol, branched out to the beautiful Cotswolds and headed to the Black Mountains to learn contours and compasses.

"Outstanding experience on learning how to read a map. I discovered super useful tools and techniques in order to orient myself in the wild, instead of using the phone! I provides a great freedom and satisfaction to use a physical map. Siân is super nice, organised and definitely knows what she is talkong about. Highly recommended for people who want to build their knowledge on how to navigate, from beginner level to advanced."


Microadventure group

2022 - 2024

So many people tell me they're apprehensive about joining a group event on their own. But when they do pluck up the courage, amazing things happen!

In 2022, 10 women bravely joined a Love Her Wild weekend I ran. They bonded so well as a team that they've asked me to run more microadventures privately just for them as a group!

We've stepped up our navigation skills to plotting their own routes and introducing compass techniques and progressed from using a campsite to wild camping.

Be brave, get out there and see what happens!

teaching nav.jpg

Wild workshops

September 2022

I was invited by the Love Her Wild team to host some workshops for their Wild Wales event on the beautiful Gower peninsula.

Workshop 1 was an Adventure skills quiz with questions and challenges on map reading, knots and wildlife. Workshop 2 headed to the beach to explore the exciting opportunities the outdoors offers and how we can look after these wild spaces.


Women in Mountain Training

October 2022

I was very honoured to be invited to be part of the workshop delivery team for the first ever Women in Mountain Training conference.


This workshop explored how to turn outdoor qualifications into a successful career and/or business! We considered the 'journey' of a career, from job hunting to progression, and how qualifications can be great tools at all stages.


Nav and Camp Microadventure

2022 - 2024

"Nav&Camp at a secret destination. Exciting. Empowering. Just one overnight but in two part-days a huge number of steps towards confident map- and landscape-reading were taken, and camping and cooking among other skills were built up. Sian enables you to achieve a great deal almost without your noticing it. She's a very clear, stepwise and methodical leader and has a plan for every eventuality. The group dynamic was great" Nicky

355056671_588079470124546_835283327724454791_n - Copy.jpg

Maps on Apps

November 2022

How can we use mapping apps to help us be better explorers and navigators? That was the question we set out to answer in this online session by analysing the different app options and their features.

"a really helpful and clear session as usual. I learnt a lot and look forward to making better use of the apps, particularly OS maps" Jen


Intro to Navigation (online)

March 2023

"I'm off to buy a map!"

That's the best feedback you could ask for after an online navigation session! 

Online session photo_edited.jpg

Aspiring Women talk

October 2022

I joined the Aspiring Women group for a Zoom talk to exploring how can we use the outdoors for our personal development. We discussed how to access the outdoors, its benefits and how to use it for learning.

"[Siân's talk] helped me cultivate a different type of relationship with the outdoors for myself and others"

"I realised I have a stronger relationship with the outdoors than I appreciated


Introduction to map-reading

July 2022

Being confident with a map opens the door to more outdoor adventures. After Elizabeth got in touch to set up a session, we opened it up to others, splitting the costs and benefiting from learning together.

"It was a really informative, practical and fun session, taken at our own pace. Plenty of time for questions and demonstrations of techniques as required. It seemed good value for money too.". Tracie

"I have always wanted to be confident enough to plan and map out routes so that I could take my children out safely. I felt incredibly empowered afterwards and have since put my new skills to the test. Sian was also very understanding towards my physical capabilities at the time and planned around what I was able and not able to do on the day." Elizabeth


1:1 skills refresher day

June 2022

After a long break away from reading maps, camping and climbing hills, Nathan got in touch for a skills refresher session. 

We spent time refamiliarising with maps, plotted a route then explored it chatting about camping along the way.

studying map 2.jpeg

The North Face: Bristol and London Walks

Summer 2022

I'm working with The North Face to offer community guided walks to get more women outdoors, offer them the chance to try on kit and explore their local area. 

On our Bristol walk, we explored the beautiful countryside between Bath and Bristol, spotting wildlife and history on the way. Our London walk helped people escape urban life to discover an incredibly special heathland right on the doorstep of capital. Photo credit: The North Face.


Hunting for History guided walk

April 2022

Partnering with Walking Women for themed day walks, this one explored the fascinating hidden history around Berkshire. Guided walks can stretch your brain as well as your legs!


Lowland leader coaching

2022 - 2023

I worked with Rachel, both online and outdoors, to help her realise her ambition to become a Lowland leader.


"Spent a brilliant day with Sian from DYO yesterday gaining outdoor skills to support my goal to become a lowland leader. Sian understood my objectives and without doubt the day exceeded my expectations! Sian has fantastic outdoor knowledge and experience and shared this clearly and concisely. Sian pushed me out of my comfort zone in a very supported way, giving me the opportunity to gain new skills, build confidence and learn, all whilst having a great time." Rachel


'How to plan a walk' online

January 2022

Following on from the outdoor skills day, an online session focused on how to use those skills to plan a walk. 

Follow up sessions can consolidate learning and give the chance to ask those questions which popped into your head after you left!

Working at home
Outdoor Skills day.jpg

Outdoor Skills Day

January 2022

"After offering to have an introductory call, Sian had prepared a well planned Outdoors Skills Course to suit my skill level and criteria. Sian provided top class navigation instruction, fun exercises to practice these and also provided follow up notes. It was too wet to put pen to paper on the day! Sian is a good communicator, a calm and patient teacher and was knowledgable on various topics. Learnt a bit about local history to boot" Fiona


Can you see yourself here?

Date: TBA!

Get in touch below to arrange your own adventure and add yourself to this adventure list!

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