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the results

We asked the Outdoor Academy team to complete a questionnaire before and after our adventure together. Here is what they said:

Confidence comparison2.jpg
81% would definitely attend another Love her wild event
"Because there is no reason why not and this weekend has given me the confidence to do it"

"It seems like an inclusive environment"

"More confident  - doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Feels that I will be surrounded by others at similar levels of experience.
By the end of Outdoor academy, the team felt they had 26 outdoor skills including...



Spotting tracks


Fire lighting

Bird watching


Leave no trace


Using binoculars


Problem solving

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4O5A1340 (1).jpg
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4O5A0882 (1).jpg
"[i will set] my intention before heading out on an adventure"
"Pack food into tubs and containers to avoid taking potential rubbish with us"
"this is a great opportunity to find my own way to be 'outdoorsy' and find out what feels good for me. Let the adventures begin!
"[I will] find the brook near the church and just sit and observe"
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